Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mile 6269: Life at 55 (mph)

      … is pretty slow.  On the western portion of interstate 40, where the speed limit is 75, it sometimes felt like we were going backwards. On the plus side though, creeping sluggishly across the country gives you a real appreciation for the enormity of it. You also become very aware of the landscape around you and how dramatically it changes over the course of 1000 miles or so. After spending some time in the deserts of Utah followed by a few days catching up with old friends in Durango, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico, we hit the open road. The days have been long and some of the nights too, as we find ourselves at the mercy of whatever parking lot we stagger into. We did get a fantastic, and much needed break in Fayettvile, Arkansas where we visited my sister’s family for week. Lea, her husband Walker and our nephew Xander, graciously opened their home to us and gave us a feel for Northwest Arkansas. The week was filled with visits to farms, canning projects and ceaseless amazement at the creativity and intelligence of a two-year-old! While we wished we could have spent more time, fall was hanging in the air (even in Arkansas) and so was the reminder that we need to make it north before the snow begins to fly.
     And so here we are again on the road. Crossing into the Eastern Time zone in central Tennessee yesterday, we made one last stop for good southern BBQ this afternoon and now we crawl north through Virginia. The towns are getting closer together and the leaves are getting more colorful with each slowly passing mile. While there haven’t been a whole lot of photo ops from the freeway recently, I thought this might be a good opportunity to share some previous pictures from our trip that haven’t yet found a place on the Blog. Enjoy!

We haven't really posted any interior photos of the bus since we finished it. Here it is.

Camping with our friends Tammy and Jeff in The Southern Bitterroot Mtns of Montana

Huckleberry Season!

Our cozy abode under the full moon.

Western Slope Cutthroat Trout straight out of a pristine alpine lake. This is the life.

Late night jam session with T & J

Champagne morning at sunbeam hot springs on the Salmon River in Idaho

One of the classiest "skoolies" we have come across yet!

My little friend.

A fine looking rooster called Chablis.

Prime solar country.

Canyonlands Utah

The desert life at Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah

Arches NP, Utah

Dolores Canyon, Colorado

Bus party with some old friends in Durango, CO.

Classic Santa Fe, New Mexico

Heidi and Xander in Fayettville, AR

Canning dilly beans with the Fam.

Turns out I really like Water Buffalo. This one at least.


Anonymous said...

HA....champagne and hot spring, that's what I am talking about!

Lisa Lynn said...

Amazing views! Getting kinda jealous from my stick in the mud homestead :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures!! I always enjoy the updates :)

..a MN fan

Jonathan said...

The Champene morning sounds great! Happy travels!!!

Steven Henriksen said...

I love your bus and your blog! Are you guys still living and traveling in it? Just wondering if you still have it, it would be incredible to see it in person. We have a bus conversion of our own, you can see it on our site

Wild Blue said...

Steven, I'm so bummed we missed you! Yes we are still living in our bus in Vermont! We just really lost steam on the blog. Hopefully I will get back to it one of these days. We have been traveling for the last month and just found your post. Hope that we get the chance to cross paths again in the future. Love your bus by the way! Safe travels.

Leonard said...

Hey Wild Blue!

Nice bus. Have you put your name on the front yet? I've got a mobile sign shop in the back of my bus. I'm offering a free vinyl graphic logo for all Bluebird conversions. After all we are Birds of a feather! I'll be getting back on the road September 16, 2014 after a two year rebuild. Check out my logo at

Let me know if you want/need the logo.